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Cyber-related Fraud Costs Tanzania 10bn

Tanzania has reportedly lost six million US dollars (over 10bn/-) so far through cyber-related fraud crimes, that involve mostly card skimming and Automated Teller Machine (ATM) thefts. Speaking at the fourth Read More →

Equity Bank & Safaricom Run Neck and neck over SIM Overlay

In the past 3 months, two juggernauts in Kenya have clashed over the introduction of SIM overlay technology into the market - Equity Bank Group (Bank) and Safaricom ltd (Telco). Read More →

Cash is Still King, says Nomanini CEO and AfricaCom speaker Vahid Monadjem

“Mobile money, while undoubtedly achieving impressive growth across Africa, is really still in its infancy,” says Vahid Monadjem, co-founder and CEO of cash-based POS platform provider Nomanini. “Unfortunately, many of the Read More →

Airtel Money to Launch Cross Border Money Transfer Service Across East Africa

Bharti Airtel announced plans to launch a cross border money transfer product in East Africa that will enable Airtel Money customers to send, receive and withdraw money from their Airtel Read More →

Apple Pay Coming for MasterCard Cardholders

Apple announced that Apple Pay will be available for U.S. consumers via the iOS 8.1 update on Monday, October 20th.  With 8.1, Apple Pay will be available to MasterCard cardholders Read More →
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