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Ecobank Launches Ecobank Mobile App to Transform Banking in Africa

Ecobank has launched the Ecobank Mobile App, an instant and convenient way of banking via the mobile phone. It is the first unified app delivered by any institution for Read More →

FNB Launches Nav›› – A Digital Financial GPS That Puts You in Control of Your Finances

FNB launches Net asset value (nav), the first of its kind digital tool that helps you navigate through your financial journey, simply and innovatively via the FNB Banking App. Simplifying a Read More →

Banks are Separating Hardware and Software Purchasing to Optimise ATM Efficiency

ATM deployers around the world are changing their ATM procurement strategies as software solutions become more powerful and sophisticated Banks move away from buying ATM software bundled with hardware Banks around the Read More →

First National Bank Tanzania Sets to Go for Point of Sale

The First National Bank Tanzania (FNB) has launched a point of sales (POS) in Dar es Salaam as a move to enhance proper use of bank cards. According to the statement released Read More →

National Microfinance Bank Touts Digital Banking

National Microfinance Bank (NMB) has said an efficient use of digital banking will facilitate easy access to banking services for all Tanzanians and increase financial inclusion. The NMB’s Managing Director Ms Ineke Read More →
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