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We are able to create specialized segments of viewers who fit the specific characteristics to target your campaign when running on our site. Your ad will only be seen by those in the segments that are agreed to in order to maximize audience target reach and improve success rates.

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IAB Standard Banners/Rich Media

Size gif/jpg max file size Flash file size Rich media polite download Expansion direction Expanded size
728×90 30k 40k 100k down 728×315
300×250 30k 40k 100k left 600×250
300×600 40k 50k 100k left 600×600

Common characteristics to all

  1. Animation tme is 15 sec
  2. Audio requires user iitiation
  3. Expansion
    • Panels limited to 1
    • Prominent close button
    • Expansion area recommended at 33%
    • Expansion generated by click with prominent close button or mouse on and off
    • Previews of 3 sec are authorized
  4. Frames per sec 24
  5. Looping is limited to 1 loop
  6. Video in-banner 40k initial 100k polite download
  7. Z-index for in page units 2,500, for expansion panels 1,100,000