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COVID-19 Boosts E-commerce Card Spending Worldwide by $2 trillion

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Kaspersky: 37% of Users in Nigeria Lost Money From an Incident Involving Digital Payments

Fraud Trends Every CFO Should Know

BankservAfrica and UnionPay International Launch a New Era for Card Processing in SA

Johannesburg – In a monumental move for the South African card ecosystem, BankservAfrica has been appointed by UnionPay International (UPI) as its domestic on-soil processor to fast-track affordable, accessible and

Kora Highlights Fintech’s Role in Bridging Financial Inclusion Gap in Africa at Africa Fintech Summit 2023

The Head of Sales and Partnerships for pan-African payment infrastructure company, Kora, Adetola Oloke, has highlighted the crucial role of fintechs in driving financial inclusion across Africa, at the Africa

For Immediate Release Sathapana Bank Rapidly Launches Mastercard Credit Cards After Migrating to the Way4 Payment Platform

Sathapana Bank has migrated from several disparate CMS and switch systems into a single infrastructure powered by Way4, OpenWay’s best-in-class digital payment software platform. This platform has simplified operations and

Continued Growth of Africa’s Fintechs Can Unlock Greater Economic Prosperity – Boston Consulting Group and Elevandi

Africa is one of the fastest growing FinTech markets with revenue forecasted to grow 13 fold to $65-billion by 2030. In addition to the revenue opportunity, FinTechs play an important

Why Scan to Pay QR Beats Cash, Cards and Transfers – Ukheshe

Quick response (QR) codes have become part of everyday life in recent years. From leaflets and billboards to menus and product packaging, they’re everywhere and easy to use. Compared to

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