Telenor Is the First Mobile Network Operator in the World to Launch a MasterPass Enabled Wallet

  • Telenor Wallet is a free application which can be used not only by the clients of Telenor, but customers of any other mobile service provider.
  • To pay with MasterPass, users can register with any bank cards with a major brand issued by any banks in the Telenor Wallet. MasterPass eliminates the need to enter detailed payment information with every purchase; it is enough to provide the customer’s phone number on the merchant’s website. The solution simplifies the process of completing a transaction from any connected device.
  • Telenor Wallet was developed and connected to MasterPass by leading European mobile wallet provider Cellum. Quick and easy registration To pay with MasterPass, register a bank card and other data necessary for the transaction (expiration date, verification number) once in the Telenor Wallet app and choose the “Buy with MasterPass” option at the end of the shopping experience. Bank card data is never stored on the smartphone. “We are pleased to announce that Telenor is the first mobile network operator in the world to launch a MasterPass enabled wallet. A recent study reveals that at the end of last year the number of online shoppers was more than 2,3 million in Hungary, which represents 41% of those who use internet on a daily basis. The Wallet application has been downloaded on over 250,000 smartphones, which makes it the most popular mobile wallet in Hungary” said Aleksandra Banovic, Chief Digital Service Officer at Telenor. “We’re in the midst of a global transformation as people are moving from the offline and disconnected world. This is the digital story of our time: everyone and everything is becoming connected. And this connectivity is transforming the way consumers interact….and now transact. We are very proud that Telenor, who is a pioneer in this field, has decided to expand its services with MasterPass,  a unique solution that will make shopping even more secure, easier and faster for its customers.” commented Endre Eölyüs, Country Manager for Hungary and Slovenia at MasterCard. Simple and secure online payment MasterCard also provides global acceptance, which means that cardholders can pay in several online stores in the world where they see the MasterPass logo. In Hungary, Telenor Wallet is available for cardholders of any domestic bank, and the registration is possible with any bank cards with a major brand. Hungarian cardholders can now benefit from a smooth payment experience at over 150 local online merchants, but also, they can shop on the web globally, in 29 countries worldwide, including 15 European countries at over 250.000 webshops. During payment in online stores, users do not need to enter their bank card details, only their phone numbers.  After each MasterPass transaction a notification by Telenor Wallet pops up which needs to be approved by the user. Parking and mobile phone bills The customers of Telenor will be able to use the Wallet for paying their mobile phone bills, popping-up their balance, paying for parking, buying motorway pass, electronic lottery ticket or travel insurance through the application after registering their bank cards. Background information: Installation and activation of the application The application can be downloaded from the App Store or Android Market. After the user has installed the app, he/she needs to accept the terms of use. User will receive a five-digit registration code which needs to be entered on the platform. In the end of the registration, the user will need to choose a four-digit mPIN code. This code will be used during the purchases. Registration of bank cards To be able to use the payment function of Telenor Wallet, the application needs to be connected to one or more bank cards. Following the registration, the user enters the bank card details and the chosen mPIN code after which the application will activate the card.]]>

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