Tymebank and Ikhokha Team up to Unlock Better Business for South African SMEs

The ability for small businesses to accept payments on a smartphone has been revolutionary for businesses of all sizes. Tap-on-phone technology, although in its early days, has the potential to play a key transformative role in driving financial inclusion throughout Africa. As South Africa’s biggest digital bank, TymeBank announced the migration of their Tap-on-Phone customer

Paymentology Celebrates 20 Years of On-Soil Processing in Africa

Paymentology’s cloud-first card issuing, and analytics platform commemorates 20 years of supporting the growth of Africa’s fintech, retail and corporate sectors through its on-soil processing payments solutions and enhanced tokenization services Paymentology, a leading global issuer-processor, today announces its 20-Year anniversary of dedicated on-soil processing and strategic investment across the Africa region. Paymentology originated in

Ikhokha Surpasses R2bn in Working Capital Disbursements to South African SMEs

iKhokha, the KZN based fintech who recently picked up the MTN Financial App of the Year Award, has announced that they have surpassed the impressive milestone of disbursing more than R2bn in working capital to their SME customer base, in partnership with Retail Capital, now a division of TymeBank. “In a tough South African economic

Traderoot and Wemvula Partner to Deliver Revolutionary PayedNow Solution

South African Fintech companies Traderoot in collaboration with Wemvula today announced a partnership that will see the two entities bringing the revolutionary PayedNow instant payment solution to the local market. PayedNow is a pioneering solution under the umbrella of Wemvula Fintech, that has been developed with the specific aim of bridging the gaps that traditional

In the Race to Digital Wallets, Don’t Forget Cash – Mukuru

Success in the digital payment space will hinge on the ability of new players and incumbents to converge the physical and digital experience into a seamless continuum for the customer. Extending the digital solution to a cash-based customer requires a “phygital” approach, writes Juan Seco, Chief Growth Officer at Mukuru. Digital wallet use, especially in

Mastercard’s Community Pass Customer Summit Paves the Way for Mastercard’s Digital and Financial Inclusion

Mastercard’s second annual Community Pass Customer Summit in Kampala, Uganda gathered more than 90 public and private sector partners, featured 20+ thought leaders dedicated to crafting sustainable solutions for digital and financial inclusion across Africa and beyond. This year’s summit showcased over 10 cutting-edge technologies and financial institutions, each presenting their digital solutions designed to

Mukuru Distributes Millions in Aid to Vulnerable Africans

Next-generation financial services platform, Mukuru, has successfully distributed millions in aid to disadvantaged recipients in Africa through its secure and transparent Enterprise Payments platform. This enables it to help many of those whose lives and ability to earn were disrupted by COVID-19 lockdowns and other economic issues. At the same time, Mukuru has started using

Entersekt Acquires Modirum 3-D Secure Payment Solutions to Accelerate Global Expansion

Entersekt, the financial authentication company, today announced it has acquired the Modirum 3-D Secure software business from Modirum, a digital payment security provider for an undisclosed sum. Modirum is a leader in enabling authenticated, card-not-present payments with a history dating back 25 years. Modirum’s cloud-based 3-D Secure (3DS) technologies and services authenticate digital payment transactions

What Does the Future of Android-Based POS Terminals Look Like? – ExiPay Africa

By Derek Keats, MD, ExiPay Africa Most of us probably don’t spend that much time thinking about what operating systems are installed on the point-of-sale (POS) terminals, also known as card machines, that allow us to buy gifts at a boutique, lunch at a food market, or even our weekly groceries. Dig a little deeper,

How Can African Businesses Ensure They Benefit From Evolving Online Payments This Festive Season? – Paystack

Payment solution offerings are advancing at a rate of knots, especially with the integration of technologies like AI, biometrics, and voice payments. No longer is it an option for small-scale businesses to offer their wares online without the ability for consumers to pay for their goods via a web-based portal. In fact, PricewaterhouseCoopers’ recent research