Credit du Maroc and Mastercard Sign Strategic Partnership to Advance Digital Transformation in Morocco

Credit du Maroc and Mastercard have signed a strategic partnership agreement to bring new technologies to the market, contribute to advancing the bank’s digital transformation, and provide personalized solutions to its customers. Both banking giants state that this partnership aims to address the daily financial needs of Moroccans and reinforce the bank’s position as an

Top Eight Steps to Strengthening Sa’s Path to Overcome Greylisting – RelyComply

South Africa’s greylisting by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) in early 2023 has created significant economic challenges. The development tarnishes the country’s reputation, causes delays and higher costs in international transactions, and potentially deters inbound foreign investment. But the good news is that the damage to the country’s international standing and economy needn’t be

The role of financial services in achieving financial inclusion in Rwanda and beyond – Network International and I&M Bank (Rwanda) Plc

By Dr. Reda Helal, Group Managing Director – Processing, Africa and Co-Head Group Processing, Network International and Benjamin Mutimura, CEO, I&M Bank (Rwanda) Plc. The momentum of financial inclusion programmes is progressively strengthened as financial institutions, businesses and consumers embrace cashless convenience and digital payments that are secure and seamless. Technology development broadens the scope

Purpose-Driven Banking: How Meaningful Financial Inclusion Can Unlock Sustainable Growth – Ecentric

By Rory Bosman, Executive for Sales & Marketing at Ecentric Tough economic conditions may well force financial institutions into a type of survival mode where the priority and focus is on retaining and growing market share, which is crucial, of course, but purpose-driven banking is not only possible in difficult times, it should form the

Standard & Poor’s Reaffirms the “Investment Grade” Status of Mauritius and Moody’s Upgrades the Sovereign Scorecard-Indicated Outcome to Baa1-Baa3

The Bank of Mauritius (Bank) welcomes the decision taken by Standard & Poor’s on the 21st of July 2023 to confirm the “Investment grade” status of Mauritius and the release of a Credit Opinion by Moody’s on 25th July 2023 reviewing upwards the Scorecard-indicated outcome of Mauritius to Baa1-Baa3. On one hand, by allocating a

Swift Finds Security and Transparency Matter Most for Low-Value Cross-Border Payments

Swift has published the results of a global survey of 7,000 consumers and small businesses on attitudes to low-value cross-border payments, finding that security and transparency are the most important factors when sending money internationally. Security was named as the key driver in the selection of a payments provider by both consumers and SMEs, closely

Infor Partners with People365 to Offer Expanded Payroll Solution Tailored for Customers in the Middle East & Africa

Infor offers People365 Payroll and Time Management solutions to customers along with Infor ERP and Human Capital Management solutions to enable automated and streamlined payroll functions while ensuring compliance with the region’s rules and regulations Infor®, the industry cloud company, recently announced it is expanding its offering in the Middle East and Africa with advanced

Central Banks Stay the Course as Inflation Fight Gets Tougher, BIS Says in Annual Economic Report

Central banks are determined to conquer inflation, even if the last mile to price stability may be the most challenging. There is a material risk of further financial stress as the financial system adjusts to the end of low-for-long interest rates. To safeguard stability and trust, monetary and fiscal policy must operate within a “region

Unlocking Africa’s E-Commerce Potential With Alternative Payment Methods – Ecentric Payment Systems

By Quintin van der Linde, Senior New Business Developer at Ecentric Payment Systems Africa is projected to have more than half a billion e-commerce users by 2025. In part, this can be attributed to the growing adoption of alternative payment methods in the wake of the pandemic. With 45% of the population in Sub-Saharan Africa

The Power of Payment Technology in Bolstering SA’s Rural and Informal Businesses – PAYM8

The size of a small, informal, or rural business shouldn’t be an obstacle to them attaining the same growth rate as larger, more formal enterprises. In fact, their smaller scale should be an advantage with fewer bureaucratic hurdles and greater flexibility. But in reality, rural businesses and informal traders are often limited by access to