The Road Ahead for FedNow: Collaborative Efforts and Advanced Technologies in the Fight Against APP Fraud – Stanchion Payments

The US Federal Reserve launched the FedNow real-time payment service in July, creating a centralised system it hopes will enable faster cash flow for individuals and businesses in the US. As exciting as the launch of this frictionless new payment rail is, fraudsters will find new ways to exploit merchants and customers. Authorised push payment

CR2 Named as a Technology Leader in the Card Management System (CMS) market by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions

CR2, a global digital banking and payments platform has been named a Technology Leader in Quadrant report on Card Management Systems (CMS) 2023. A significant achievement as CMS platforms continues to develop and offer an extensive array of advanced features for numerous use cases. This includes support for multi-product, multi-language, multi-currency, multi-scheme, and a wide

CR2 Announces Continued Expansion Across Middle East and Africa

CR2 announces continued expansion across MEA with the addition of two new customer signatures – Arab International Bank (AIB) in Egypt and Unity Bank in Nigeria. This announcement builds on the continued growth of the past year. CR2 empowers banks to deliver on the potential of digital banking and payment solutions for both consumers and

Stanchion Taps Pierre Aurel as New Chief Product Officer

Stanchion Payments, a prominent global provider of payment technology, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Pierre Aurel as its new Chief Product Officer. With a remarkable track record in payment product development and innovation, Pierre brings a wealth of experience to his role in Stanchion’s dynamic and expanding team. Pierre Aurel’s achievements include spearheading

BNPL, Cards and Wallets: The Technology that Connects the Dots – OpenWay

Download the report here. BNPL (Buy Now, Pay Later) wallets are no longer positioned as an invincible challenge to international card schemes. Even the most successful BNPL app providers have opted to collaborate with supposed rivals. Afterpay, for instance, has introduced the Afterpay Plus card, a contactless Mastercard product, and Klarna extended its popular “Pay

Navigating Quantum Uncertainty in the Payments Industry – Stanchion Payments

The need for organisations to protect themselves against quantum threats to cybersecurity is becoming increasingly important as quantum-computing technology advances. Quantum computers have the potential to break many of the encryption techniques currently used to secure data, and this poses a significant risk to organisations in the payments industry. Understanding Quantum Threats in the Payments

OpenWay Report | Cross-Border Merchant Acquiring: New Technology, New Competitors

Download the report here. Competition in cross-border merchant acquiring is growing exponentially. Many incumbents find themselves burdened by rigid and uncoordinated legacy systems, unable to keep up with merchant expectations. They face challenges not only from startups, but also former partners, as ISVs transition into payment facilitators, ISOs evolve into processors, and PSPs transform into

The Emergence of Payment Infrastructure in Africa: Trends and Future Developments – Traderoot Africa

The financial landscape in Africa is undergoing a transformative shift, thanks to the rapid advancement of fintech solutions. Among the key areas of innovation is the continent’s payment infrastructure, where fintech innovations are driving change and evolution at an exponential rate. For over two decades, Traderoot has played a pivotal role in reshaping the banking,

Mike Kohlsdorf Appointed as CEO to Drive Next Phase of Growth for Transformed Company

Verifone, a leading global provider of payment solutions, announces that Mike Kohlsdorf has joined the company as CEO, succeeding Mike Pulli, who is stepping down after five years with the organization. Under Pulli’s leadership the Company went through a critical transformation from a provider of payment terminals and related legacy services to a modern FinTech

EMVCo Publishes Security Requirements for MFA Payment Solutions

EMVCo has released security requirements to support the development of multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions capable of preventing or detecting attacks that could compromise the security of payment authentication. The ‘Multi-Factor Authentication Solutions for Payments Security Requirements’ document is publicly available from the EMVCo website. MFA is an authentication method that requires the payee to provide