Fintechs’ Role in Identity and Financial Security Beyond OPTs and Passwords

In the past year, identity theft has skyrocketed – a worldwide trend that has not gone unnoticed by the public. A report from earlier this year showed that consumers are looking for more security from their banks: 56% want more security measures for non-routine transactions, and 47% want more even for routine transactions. Clearly, it’s

Independent ATM Deployers Playing Increasingly Important Role in Global ATM Markets

As banks around the world rationalise their ATM fleets, and remove unprofitable units, independent ATM deployers (IADs) are stepping in to fill the vacuum IADs deploy a growing share of the world’s ATMs RBR’s report Global ATM Market and Forecasts to 2027 shows that while the total number of ATMs worldwide is slowly declining, the

How Behavioural Biometrics Can Protect Organisations and Their Customers Against Fraud

The rapid rise in digitisation, self-service onboarding and faster payments has left many banks, financial institutions and their customers at risk from fraudsters and cybercriminals. While many fraud- and risk-management measures severely hamper customer experience, MoData’s AI-driven Behavioural Biometrics platform ensures that the customer experience remains seamless while delivering advanced fraud protection. It does this

Mastercard Partners with noqodi to Expand Digital Payment Acceptance Across UAE

Consumers and businesses in Dubai will soon be able to make seamless and safe contactless payments for select government and private sector services, thanks to a strategic partnership between Mastercard and noqodi, a leading fintech company owned by emaratech Group, part of the Investment Corporation of Dubai. Noqodi’s digital omni-channel payments, including Tap on Phone,

AURA and FNB Partner to keep Customers Safe

FNB banking customers can now access instant emergency response services, anywhere, anytime via the FNB banking app. Powered by South Africa’s leading security and medical response marketplace, AURA, the convenient in-app panic button, GuardMe, is available to all FNB customers who register for the service. The cutting-edge solution allows FNB customers to immediately request rapid