EBA CLEARING, SWIFT and The Clearing House to Deliver Pilot Service for Immediate Cross-Border Payments

Taking the next step towards faster cross-border payments, banks from both sides of the Atlantic are preparing to exchange payments across TCH’s and EBA CLEARING’s real-time payment systems. SWIFT and The Clearing House (TCH) has announced that they plan to launch a pilot service for immediate cross-border (IXB) payments with the support of banks from

BankservAfrica enhances its Cash Service with Intix

BankservAfrica’s Integrated Cash Management System (ICMS) Team introduced an automated transactions monitoring system in March 2022 that will take customer services to the next level. BankservAfrica has partnered with Intix, a global company providing state-of-the-art technology solutions for institutions to gain a full view of financial transactions across data sources and data formats. The BankservAfrica

1Nebula’s New FinOps Service Offering is Built on Six-Plus Years in PaaS Software Development

Technology expense management and cloud financial operations (FinOps) specialist, 1Nebula, is introducing a portfolio of FinOps consulting and optimisation services to help organisations maximise their return on investment (ROI) from their cloud environments. These capabilities complement the 1Nebula OneView Cloud Expense Management (CEM) platform, which launched in 2020. 1Nebula’s FinOps service offering is built on

e4 | The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is Changing the Face of Mid-sized Corporates

Adri Führi, Group CFO at Fintech specialist e4, says 4IR and the rate of technological change presents a unique challenge for CFOs who have the complex task of ensuring alignment between finance and the entire organisation on the road to digital transformation. There has been much talk about the role 4IR will play in digital

UnionPay International Taps Fiserv to Further Global Expansion

Fiserv, Inc. has announced the expansion of its relationship with UnionPay International, a wholly owned subsidiary of China UnionPay, one of the world’s largest payment networks. The collaboration will allow UnionPay to grow on a global scale by facilitating the issuance of virtual and physical UnionPay cards across international markets. Additionally, UnionPay will leverage the

Equity Group Ranked the 5th Strongest Banking Brand in the World

Equity’s Brand Strength Index (BSI) of 90.8, is only 3.2 basis points away from the strongest banking brand in the world Equity has been assigned a Brand Strength Rating (BSR) of AAA+ on par with the strongest banking brand in the world The Bank is the only new entrant among the top 10 strongest banking

Banking as a Service helps Traditional Banks Stave off Attacks from Upstarts – Global Kinetic

Years, and sometimes decades, of patchwork additions as new products and services were added have left many banks with a real tech headache. Now, as they struggle with the challenges of open banking and more recently the rise of embedded banking, traditional banks are increasingly turning to cloud-based Banking as a Service (BaaS) platform models

Mastercard Unveils Next-Generation Virtual Card Solution for Instant B2B Payments

The new, first-of-its-kind virtual card solution is integrated with Mastercard Track Business Payment Service to deliver greater choice, faster payments and improved efficiency for buyers and suppliers Mastercard has announced the launch of Mastercard TrackTM Instant Pay, a next-generation virtual card solution that uses machine learning and straight-through processing to enable instant payment of supplier

Adopt an Agile Digital Banking Platform: Improve Innovation, Create New Value and Increase Profitability

The report looks at how niche markets push banks to innovate – to go beyond supporting basic and necessary banking transactions – on the same digital banking platform CR2’s latest market insight report, ‘Adopt an Agile Digital Banking Platform’ has been written in collaboration with Stessa Cohen (www.pivotassets.co), an internationally recognised expert on the digital

Crossfin Technology Holdings acquired by a Consortium of Investors in a ZAR1.5bn deal

Fintech company Crossfin Technology Holdings (“Crossfin”) acquired by a consortium of investors in a ZAR1.5bn transaction (the “Transaction”). Crossfin, a leading player in the South African fintech industry, announced today it is being acquired by a consortium of investors (“Consortium”). The Transaction is considered a landmark deal in the fintech industry and will see Crossfin