uAfrica to bring Shopify services to SA

South African e-commerce technology platform uAfrica has partnered with e-commerce store creator Shopify, to provide the latter’s services to the South African market.

uAfrica said South Africans sell through a combination of web storefronts, online marketplaces and in-person, and the Shopify partnership helps bridge the gap and streamlines business operations and sales.

HumanIPO reported last week uAfrica had secured US$1.5 million funding from and Andy Higgins, managing director (MD), said the company would continue to focus on e-commerce facilities that speak to the local market and need.

“Our partnership with Shopify enables us to bring the best retail procedures and processes to South Africa, while ensuring that merchants in South Africa have access to the best tools to help drive sales from a localisation perspective,” said Higgins.

“South African Shopify customers will now have the option to be billed in South African Rands for the Shopify service as well as benefit from a number of integrations specifically designed for the local market.”

Shopify’s head of business development Brennan Loh said the company is happy with the adoption of Shopify in the South African retail market.

“We have seen impressive traction across small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) – approximately 800 active South African merchants sell with Shopify – as merchants turn to Shopify to help them sell everywhere,” he said.

Originally published on Human IPO.