Event Topic: none

Event Type: none
Date: 20 Apr 2021
Time: 2:30 pm - 5:30 pm
Organizer: Stanchion Payment Solutions

We invite you to attend this industry briefing event on Tuesday the 20th of April.


Aimed at Executives & Decision Makers who run ATM environments who are keen to understand how to take their businesses forward in 2021 and beyond by using automation tools and looking at new ways to drive revenue and keep costs under control.

Against this backdrop the ATM Industry Association has been working with its 11,000 members on a Next Generation ATM initiative, whilst Paragon has seen huge success in demand for automation tools that enable remote ATM testing among many other value add features. NCR have announced plans to offer its services on a Platform as a Service model and Futurex have had success with its virtualised HSMs and encryption services. At Stanchion we play a key role to the industry either providing system integration, managed ATM monitoring and operational management services and increasingly helping ATM processors look to replace the gap of lost revenue with new volumes and revenue initiatives to fill the gap left by the change in customer behaviour.

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