Payment Ecosystems & Gateways Conference 2017

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Date: 22 Feb 2017 - 23 Feb 2017
Time: All Day

Location: Indaba Hotel, Johannesburg , South Africa

The payment industry is in a constant state of change, with numerous technological, economic and demographic factors affecting payment ecosystems. The industry is seeing a rapid growth in innovation and technology such as the development in payment gateways, thus making the industry more fragmented. Non-banking service providers in the form of financial technology start-up and non-payment technology companies have caused disruption and disintermediation is now a distinct part of the payment ecosystems landscape.

With the growth and adoption of online, mobile and digital payments, the industry is experiencing more non-traditional players, technological innovations as well as explosion of immediate payments that is driving the dynamics, growth and future of retail payments.

Payment ecosystems and gateways is a crucial component to e-commerce and m-commerce as the systems ensure the payments are made safely and effective for customers and retail companies. According to a UK-based international Internet Market Research Firm it found that 50% of customers who regularly shop online would cancel their purchase if their preferred method of payment  were not available for use and that 40% of customers said they would feel more comfortable purchasing from an online retailer which offers multiple payment methods.

The Payment Ecosystems & Gateways Conference 2017 features over 16 industry leading speakers who will lead an in-depth discussion on the current payment gateways landscape for SA, payment innovation, payment processing and technology, blockchain API’s, mobile payment and security and fraud affecting payment gateways and retailers.

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