Optus Launches Contactless Payment Accessories for Cash by Optus

  • Cash by Optus Band: Enjoy a jog without the hassle of carrying around a bulky wallet or phone thanks to the new Cash by Optus Band. Compatible with a wide range of smartphones that support Cash by Optus, the band is a simple and flexible way to make purchases while out and about without the need for a wallet or phone. The band links directly to the Cash by Optus app so payments can be made using only the band without the linked phone nearby.
    • Cash by Optus Sticker: For those customers with a compatible non-Android smartphone who want the ease and convenience of Cash by Optus and can’t stand the idea of leaving home without their phone, then the Payment Sticker is a great solution. The sticker attaches to the back of the device, linking directly to the Cash by Optus app and letting you use your smartphone to pay for goods and services instead of using cash or plastic debit and credit cards.
    • Cash by Optus SIM: Customers that want to use Cash by Optus on their NFC ready Android smartphone without a Payment Accessory can select a Cash by Optus SIM, allowing them to make purchases using just their Android smartphones.
    “Cash by Optus Payment Accessories is the natural next step for Optus since we were the first Australian telco to introduce a mobile payment solution to the market in 2014. Backed by two trusted names, Visa and Heritage Bank, Optus is continuing to look at ways to expand Cash by Optus and bring innovative products and services to our customers,” Mr White said.]]>

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