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Angola’s leading ATM network operator will in future be using Wincor Nixdorf’s ProView software to handle IT service management for its 2000 self-service systems. EMIS, a company that is majority-owned by Angolan banks, aims to use the solution to improve the availability of the systems.   At the same time it is expected that the maintenance costs for the ATM network will be reduced through fewer technician call-outs.

The solution was also selected on the basis of it being able to manage devices from different manufacturers and its ability to do pro-active fault analysis and routing. “In such a large country as Angola, with journeys often taking days over distances up to 3,000 kilometers, this is a key advantage. Technician call-outs are reduced, while at the same time keeping availability at a high level,” states Stefan Wahle, Vice President Solutions at Wincor Nixdorf.

In addition the Wincor Nixdorf solution was chosen based on its functional scope and ability to adapt to the software applications of ATMs from different manufacturers. EMIS also made the decision as the solution allows each Angolan bank and service provider to monitor its part of the ATM network individually via web consoles.