Diebold Nixdorf named Best Banking Technology Solutions Provider Europe 2020

Diebold Nixdorf, a global leader in driving connected commerce for the banking and retail industries, was named Best Banking Technology Solutions Provider Europe 2020 by Global Banking & Finance Review®. The prestigious award recognizes Diebold Nixdorf’s contributions in a variety of areas in the technology and banking sectors.

Global Banking & Finance Review® noted Diebold Nixdorf’s ability to offer next generation self-service technology, which optimizes the customer experience through consumer-centric digital and physical solutions. The online and print magazine also highlights the company’s advanced automation and operational efficiency. While awarding the Best Banking Technology Solutions Provider Europe 2020 honor, Global Banking & Finance Review® remarked on the company’s innovative, fully customizable solutions.

“Diebold Nixdorf provides financial institutions with the technology solutions and support they need to transform their operations and provide optimal multi-channel customer experiences,” said Wanda Rich, editor of Global Banking and Finance Review. “Offering integrated software, systems and services across all banking channels, Diebold Nixdorf helps financial institutions improve operational efficiency and deliver seamless, convenient solutions for consumers.”

The winning award for Diebold Nixdorf’s Banking Technology solution is a combination of the DN SeriesTM self-service ATM systems, powered by DN Vynamic™ Software and DN AllConnect ServicesSM. Designed in-house, DN Series was launched in June 2019 and has registered over 3,000 patents across the entire suite.

The combination of technology solutions allows for efficient end-to-end banking as a service. In total, the seven DN Series solutions streamline in-person banking, underpinned by secure and fully integrated technology – transforming how and what banks offer their customers with a sleek, optimized and future-facing self-service banking experience.