ATMIA Partners with New Global ATM Research

ATMIA, the only global trade association for the ATM industry, has launched a new research partnership with leading award-winning software and analytics group, P1M1, which includes discounts for the association’s 11,000+ members.

As part of the agreement, P1M1’s annual global ATM Efficiency Benchmarking Report, priced at $10,000, will be available at $9,000 for ATMIA members. However, being accepted as part of the study reduces the price to $2,500.

“We are delighted to team up with PlusOneMinusOne, with its decade of expertise in Research and Data Science, to share research reports, which are valuable for our bank operators, service providers and IADs, at discounted prices for our members,” Mike Lee, CEO of ATMIA, commented.

“We believe Data Science and AI will help ATMs to become even a more integral part of consumers’ daily lives around the Globe,“ explained Dr. Tolga Kurt, Founder & CEO of P1M1. “ATMIA has a critical role in the success of ATM Industry and by utilizing these advances, we are very pleased to co-operate with ATMIA and the members in the path of promoting ATM convenience, growth and usage worldwide.“

In addition to discounts on the annual ATM benchmarking study, some software analytics products are eligible for similar discounts for ATMIA members, including:

•        Cash+: ATM & Branch Cash Replenishment Optimization
•        Uptime+: ATM Predictive Maintenance
•        Location+: ATM Site Selection Software
•        Reload+: CIT Distribution Planning and Optimization

These products are priced per ATM per month and a 10% discount is offered on the per ATM price to interested ATMIA members.

“We thank Tolga and his executives for these generous offerings to our members,” Lee concluded. “Research in our industry is becoming more dynamic today and the old guard is giving way to new models of research, which is why we decided to team up with a leader in the new sciences of research in our industry.”

In order to make use of this opportunity and for details, you may reach with ‘ATMIA Special Offer’ in the subject line.

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