FNB is Giving Away 1 Million eBucks to Celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of their Banking App

The FNB Banking App turned three years old this weekend. The Banking App was the first of its kind in South Africa, when smartphones became available to FNB customers in 2011. FNB was also the first to launch the Banking App specifically designed for Tablets in April 2013.

“From winning the title of MTN; App of the Year last year, to winning the Minister of Science and Technology’s award for overall excellence at the Technology Top 100 awards, the FNB Banking App has done a lot in its three years,” says Sahil Mungar, Head of Sales and Marketing, FNB Mobile and Connect.

The App user demographic shows that 60% of users are male and 40% are female, with the majority (85%) of users aged between 26-65 years. “We have seen that user demographic behaviour has begun to shift, with the largest proportion of users being 36-65. In our 36 and older base we have seen the amount grow to 45% dispelling the myth that Apps and smartphones are for the youth only,” says Mungar

The FNB Banking App was launched in Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho, Swaziland, Tanzania and Zambia in August 2013 and has ushered in a new era of banking for South Africans and our African neighbours by giving customers access to banking transactions, prepaid products and FNB’s own innovative benefits such as Geo Payments, iTunes voucher codes and Share Investing. Most recently the App was updated, giving customers the ability to open a cheque account, credit card or investment account immediately and get personalised offers via the FNB Banking App.

The latest version of the App also allows you to switch to FNB and instantly open an account. The introduction of personalised offers to the App allows customers to upgrade accounts, extend limits and apply for finance, based on the customer’s personal profile

“Mobile banking provides a complete alternative to branch, ATM and internet banking for customers who are on the move and cannot be bound to working hours. The ability to open an account, immediately transfer money to it, and then do all the day-to-day banking you would need from your phone, means that people can truly be mobile and choose to do banking on their own terms,” says Mungar.

To celebrate its third birthday, FNB Mobile and Connect is running a competition for FNB App users where they stand a chance of winning 1 million eBucks (R100 000) by simply making a transaction on the latest version of on the FNB Banking App or RMB Private Banking App for Smartphones and Tablets.

App users that share the competition on Facebook and Twitter from the FNB Banking App will also stand a chance of winning an additional 500 000 eBucks (R50 000). There will be 3 winners, each month for 3 months. Non-FNB customers who would like to take part in the completion can do so by simply downloading the FNB Banking App and switching to FNB.

“We’ve had a fantastic three years and are happy that we can celebrate our birthday along with our customers who have embraced the move to digital banking with our App,” concludes Mungar