KCB Bank Tanzania Launches Biashara Club

KCB Bank Tanzania launched a Biashara Club to provide Small and Medium Sized Enterprise (SMEs) with banking and enterprise development services.

Over 100 Biashara Club members met in Dar es Salaam this week to learn from Tanzania Revenue Authority [TRA] about tax requirements and best practices for SME’s.

Speaking at the KCB Biashara Club launch breakfast meeting yesterday, KCB Marketing and Corporate Affairs Manager, Ms Christine Manyenye, said that KCB Bank recognises the role of SME’s in the growing economy of the country.

“Our aim is not only to provide excellent banking solutions to our customers but also to give them the knowledge and tools required for the success of their businesses. We believe that their success will bring a positive impact on the Tanzanian economy,” she said.

Members of the KCB Bank Biashara Club will be exposed to a wealth of knowledge through workshops where business advisory services are offered from certified training consultants. These workshops provide an opportunity for SME’s to network, interact and share best business practices.

In addition to this, club members will have access to and support from dedicated business relationship managers who attend to their financial needs. KCB Bank Biashara Club members will also benefit from cross border networking opportunities.

“As part of the mandate of the club offering, we promised our members to organise regional and international trips geared towards developing their enterprises. Club members will attend international trade fairs to learn how other SME’s operate with the aim of improving their own businesses”, elaborated Ms Manyenye.

Originally published on DailyNews Tanzania