Malaysia's First Local Bank To Issue UnionPay Cards

UnionPay International announced the release of the UnionPay debit card (with the card number beginning with 62) in partnership with Public Bank Berhad, the first local UnionPay card issued by local Malaysian banks, designed for local residents who frequently travel to and from the Asian region, And in 160 countries and regions of the CUP network security, ease of use.

Public Bank is the third largest commercial bank in Malaysia, the bank in 2007 has opened all its merchants accept UnionPay card. The UnionPay international UnionPay cards, not only for the local residents to provide a new payment options, but also for more local institutions to issue UnionPay cards play an exemplary role.

Malaysian Chinese businessman Xiang Fu is the first to apply for this card holder of one of UnionPay cards. “With this card, you can enter all the airports in Malaysia to make your journey easier,” he said, adding that the Chinese Visa Service Centers in Kuala Lumpur and Kuching now have a VIP window specifically for UnionPay cards, and Malaysians You can show the UnionPay card to handle the formalities, very convenient, fast and I will recommend a local friend for UnionPay cards.

Currently, 90% of ATMs and 80% of merchants in Malaysia accept UnionPay cards. Banks such as Bank of China and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China have issued a variety of UnionPay cards in Malaysia, and more and more local residents are spending on daily consumption and international travel. UnionPay cards. In 2016, more than half of the transactions of UnionPay cards issued in Malaysia took place locally, and these cards were frequently used in mainland China, Singapore and Thailand. Next, CUP International will also be in Malaysia, such as the cloud to pay for innovative payment services to meet the diverse needs of consumers to pay.

ASEAN 10 countries have all been accepted and issued CUP card, the CUP card business in Southeast Asia, the localization process continues to accelerate. Singapore, Thailand, ATM can basically take advantage of UnionPay cards, merchant coverage of more than 80% and 90%, the Philippines, Vietnam, the acceptance of ATM coverage are more than Jiucheng, Vietnamese businesses over 90% coverage. At the same time, more and more Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and other regions of the population began to like to use UnionPay cards.