UnionPay Cards Now Accepted at all Makro Stores across South Africa

UnionPay International in partnership with Standard Bank and the food, liquor and general merchandise retailer, Makro, have jointly announced that all 22 Makro stores will be accepting UnionPay cards at all its till points. This addition is aimed at improving convenience and the shopping experience of all UnionPay cardholders.

“With our cardholder base in South Africa growing, we at UnionPay International Africa continues to expand our acceptance network so as to offer safe, easy and cost-effective payment services to our cardholders. Makro is very popular among our cardholders and Standard Bank is our important partner in Africa. We are excited to see UnionPay accepted at Makro through our partnership with Standard Bank. We believe this will substantially improve our cardholders’ payment experience and will bring more business opportunities to us all”, says Mr. Luping Zhang, General Manager at UnionPay International Africa Branch.

Makro’s Corporate Affairs Manager, Farzana Sonvadi said “We are very excited about this improved payment method and look forward to welcoming more UnionPay cardholders to our stores.”

Standard Bank South Africa who facilitated the acceptance between the two parties anticipates growth in transaction volumes as a result of the integration. “Our goal is to work closely with our merchants to grow their businesses, and with this partnership we see mutual benefits for all parties involved, as well as the end UnionPay cardholder,” said Lincoln Mali, Standard Bank Head or Group Card and Emerging Payments.

UnionPay started its business in South Africa in 2008. So far, UnionPay cards are accepted at almost all local ATMs and Point of Sale terminals, offering payment ease to tourists as well as the increasing number of local cardholders. Makro will benefit from having access to a growing market of UnionPay cardholders living in South Africa as well attracting spend from a very lucrative tourism segment.