Allied Wallet Integrates Ecwid with its State-of-the-Art Online Payment Solutions

Allied Wallet, a leading provider of online payment processing and multi-currency merchant services serving over 125 million users globally, proudly announced their integration with free e-commerce solution and WordPress plugin, Ecwid.

Allied Wallet has proudly designed an online payment solution that is easily integrated and infinitely scalable due, in part, to its e-commerce collaborations and integration modules. Allied Wallet has integrated with nearly every major e-commerce shopping cart solution to provide merchants with the best in online payment processing.

Ecwid is a powerful and easy-to-use solution that allows online business owners to sell products on WordPress websites. After installing the Ecwid plugin and integrating with Allied Wallet, users have the ability to accept instant payments from all over the world, as both solutions are built to process multiple currencies.

Complete with desktop and mobile responsive design, PCI Level 1 Compliance, and leading-edge encryption, Allied Wallet and Ecwid provide users with the best in e-commerce.

“When paired with Allied Wallet’s online payment solution, Ecwid can be an incredibly valuable tool in global e-commerce,” said CEO Andy Khawaja of Allied Wallet. “…you open up your business to the world, all through your own personal website.”

Allied Wallet enables businesses to accept payments online in as little as 12 hours after a short reviewal process. If paired with Allied Wallet, WordPress/Ecwid users could build a website and process their first transaction in less than day.

With business and technology pacing at incredible rates, this turnaround time is a huge asset to business owners. Between the notability of both Allied Wallet and Ecwid, the pair of solutions will spark a surge of new online business owners and streamline payment processing around the world.