FNB Enhances USSD Card Maintenance Functionality

FNB customers who actively use cellphone banking will now be able to fully maintain their bank cards without having to walk into a branch.

The bank has enhanced card management functionality on USSD by empowering customers to activate, view and change pin, temporarily block and unblock their cards. Previously, customers could only view card details, update limits and cancel their cards.

Ryan Prozesky, CEO of FNB Consumer Core Banking, says the cellphone banking card maintenance updrade is aligned to the banks’ broader strategy to migrate customers to digital and electronic banking channels, where most transactions are offered for free, at any time of the day, without having to physically go into a branch.

This service is not only intended for cellphone banking users, but offers all FNB customers more choice as to how they prefer maintaining their cards, whether through ATMs, FNB Banking App, Online Banking, Cellphone Banking or through a branch.

Many lower income earning customers who do not have access to smartphones, data or the internet, often have to spend time and money travelling to a branch, in order to unblock a card when a pin is inserted incorrectly or forgotten. This will no longer be necessary due to the enhanced card maintenance service.

Furthermore, after receiving a new card from the courier, customers are able to activate it immediately and also change the default pin.

As a security measure, only customers with trusted devices will be able to access this service. This means that the customer should have recently performed a financial transaction through cellphone banking and must not have done a SIM swap for at least two weeks.

“Our aim is to improve customer experience and add value by allowing a wider range of card services through cellphone banking, which remains one of the preferred means of banking for some of our customers,” concludes Prozesky.

Customer should dial *120*321# on their mobile devices to access cellphone banking.