Bank of Maritius Warns of Fake Bank Cheques

The Bank of Mauritius has released a statement saying that it has come to their knowledge that fake bank cheques, purportedly emanating from banks, are currently in circulation in the country and that certain companies have been victims to such fraudulent practices.

The Bank of Mauritius strongly urges members of the public to exercise extreme caution and prudence before accepting cheques of any nature. Police investigations are underway on this subject.

They wish to advise the general public that cheques bear the following security features:

  • Bank’s logo
  • Ultraviolet feature printed on cheques
  • Watermark
  • Sensitivity of prints on the cheque to water and other solvents
  • Guilloche patterns (fineline prints) on the cheques

Banks are also earnestly urged to exercise utmost care and diligence in the handling of office cheques and any other cheques presented to them for payment.