X INFOTECH Engages in Social Projects Across Africa

X INFOTECH, leading system integrator and developer of premium solutions for the issuance and management of smart cards and e-ID documents, has brought security and convenience to numerous payment and social card projects in the African region. Thanks to its established expertise in the banking and government sector, X INFOTECH has achieved recognition as the preferred strategic partner in social projects, which are part of governmental initiatives.

The Hunger Safety Net Programme, along with Orphans and Vulnerable Children project in Kenya are notable examples in the area of social cards, enhancing social inclusion and regular cash transfers to vulnerable households. For certain projects, X INFOTECH has delivered an end-to-end card personalization solution and biometric enrolment, designed to capture biometric data and verify identity.

“We are committed to our hands-on approach in the promotion of social and economic development in African countries,” says Paul Waihumbu, Managing Director, X INFOTECH Africa. “For years, X INFOTECH has been relentlessly dedicated to assisting governments and communities across Africa in delivering complex social projects.”

“With these social infrastructure projects in Africa, X INFOTECH strives to make a noteworthy contribution to the development of society, while communicating a powerful message across the world,” says Vadim Tereshko, Business Development, Banking and Mobile, X INFOTECH. “