Equitel To Boost Government Revenues in Kenya By Digitizing Payments

Equitel has introduced an EazzyPay Paybill number 206206 on the eCitizen platform that will allow for the payment of driving license fees, name, land searches, passport application and business permits.

Nyeri, Kisumu and Mombasa Counties are also using the EazzyPay 206206 Paybill number to accept payments for services such as public health certificates and liquor licenses. Overall there are 137 government services that can be paid using the EazzyPay paybill number.

Equitel subscribers can pay via Equitel STK menu, USSD and Eazzy Banking App. The EazzyPay 206206 paybill number is interoperable meaning that it can receive payments from all other mobile money transfer services.

The move to digitize government payments through the eCitizen platform has resulted in mutual benefits for both national, county governments and respective citizens.

Government and county departments can collect revenues in a fast, secure, affordable and transparent manner while citizens can pay for services through a convenient platform.

A 2016 report on digital finance by the McKinsey Global Institute found that governments around the world can save $110 billion per year by reducing leakage in spending and tax revenue by digitizing payments. Equitel is targeting to add 1 million merchants in the next two years.