Mukuru and Mcel Partner to Enable Money Transfers from South Africa to Mozambique

Mukuru and Mcel have partnered to allow money to be sent from South Africa into any Mkesh mobile wallet in Mozambique. With the mobile phone being central to the process it is the most convenient way of sending money to Mozambique; and at a 10% flat fee it is the most affordable cash-to-cash offering.

Mukuru users in South Africa place an order on their mobile phone by dialling *130*567# free. They can then pay directly from their Mukuru Card or at any major retailer such as Pick n Pay, Shoprite, Checkers or Pep. Once payment is received, the money will go directly into their recipient’s Mkesh mobile wallet in Mozambique within 24 hours. Both sender and recipient receive SMS notifications along the way so they know where their money is.

Recipients can then top up their Mcel airtime balances, send money locally, pay for goods and TV (StarTimes, Zap, DSTV, GOTV and TVCabo) or collect cash from Ponto24 ATMs or Mkesh Agents across Mozambique. In order to receive money from South Africa, Mcel subscribers first need to activate their Mkesh mobile wallet by dialling *500# from their Mcel SIM card or speak to their nearest Mcel shop or agent.

Michael Cook, the Marketing Manager for Mukuru said, “We are excited about this partnership. It represents a big step forward for money transfers to Mozambique. Senders and recipients no longer need to make special trips to transfer or collect money. They simply user their mobile phone from wherever they are to send and receive. It does not get easier than that.”

Aurelio Matavele, Head of Operation and Product Manager at Carteira Movel (Mkesh) said, “We have been looking forward to this product for three years now and there has been a lot of excitement in our office since the approval came from Mozambique Central Bank. Once again Carteira Movel and Mcel are leading the Mozambique market with innovative products. We believe this partnership with Mukuru will be sustainable as the benefit to our clients is clear. We are also committed to ensure that our agent network is always ready to help our clients with cash withdrawals and other financial transactions that can be handled at their outlet.”