Nedbank and iVeri celebrates 15 years in partnership

In celebrating the 15th year anniversary of working together, Nedbank recognises the partnership it has established in 1998 with iVeri whose unique technology continues to be invaluable in enabling eCommerce.

Pamela White, Head Corporate Card Services at Nedbank says, “We are proud to partner with iVeri to assist businesses improve efficiency, allowing for an environment where they can thrive and innovate to provide payment channels for their clients through innovative systems provided by Nedbank and iVeri’s Payment Gateway. Through this partnership we continue to offer affordable holistic card payment solutions to meet the growing demand and fast ever changing needs of our clients.”

iVeri creates technology for financial institutions and businesses to facilitate multiple-channel transaction acceptance. Based in South Africa, iVeri is the leading provider of transaction acceptance technology in Sub-Saharan Africa with customers in nine countries. The solution‘s unique features combined with the transaction reporting and management tools and enhanced functionality, offer the most comprehensive transaction  solution available for businesses to process card transactions in a safe environment.

“Nedbank has been an exciting partner to have over the past 15 years. Together we have taken many new and innovative products to market that have provided Nedbank merchants with bespoke solutions for their transactional needs”, says Barry Coetzee, CEO of iVeri.

iVeri currently is the first supplier of EMV certified MPOS technology in Africa with Nedbank taking the lead in launching Nedbank PocketPOS™, the first live EMV certified mobile point of sale (POS) solution in South Africa that enables businesses to process debit and credit card transactions using a smartphone connected to a secure card reader.