CashU Warns Customers of Urausy Trojan Virus

CashU, a payment service provider focussing on internet payments in Middle East and North Africa urges its customers to be aware of a virus that is distributed by the Urausy Trojan.   CashU released a warning to its customers on Facebook stating that the virus targets users who speak Arabic languages, especially as the infection makes use of cashU to transfer the ransom money.

According to Microsoft’s threat security portal Trojan:Win32/Urausy.A is ransomware. It prevents the user from using their computer by displaying a full screen image pretending to be from the local authorities asking for a payment to regain access. In some cases the virus says that the user has breached national copyright laws by downloading copyrighted content. CashU has informed its customers to not proceed and that it is unlawful and an unfounded accusation.  CashU stated that they have taken the necessary precautions to ensure that their customers’ accounts and data are completely secure.

The virus manifests by making the user unable to access their computer, and instead they see an image similar to the one above.

CashU was established in 2002 by Maktoob (now Yahoo) and is one of the most experienced online payment experts in the middle east.