eWAY and Xero Lauch Integrated Online Invoicing and Payment Service

Global payment gateway eWay and Xero, online accounting software for small businesses and their advisors, have launched a new payment service for Xero’s online invoicing solution called Pay Now that is fully integrated with Xero’s accounting software.

Designed to ease the challenges facing every business owner — chasing customers for payment on invoices, the integrated eWAY Pay Now service means businesses can encourage customers to pay on time by providing a simple link on their invoice to start the payment process. Pay Now allows businesses to bill clients directly from Xero online invoices through eWAY, and avoid the extra hassles of chasing up customers for payments.

Matt Bullock, CEO eWAY believes this integrated tool is long overdue, and says it’s suitable for businesses of all sizes. Offering a one click payment option for customers that takes the pain out of chasing paper invoices and payments – which wastes time, money and can really hurt business cash flow.

“Chasing customers for payment has long been a massive bugbear for any business owner. By working closely with Xero to integrate our Pay Now service into its online invoices, businesses can offer clients an instant payment method across all major credit cards, saving them the time and effort it takes to chase customers for payment,” said Bullock. “We know cash flow is vital for any business – which is why eWAY works closely with all the major banks to provide next day settlement. A business using eWAY Pay Now with Xero’s online invoices can access its money sooner.”

Businesses that work with eWAY have been quick to adopt the new Pay Now option, with many customers finding the integration easy and valuable.

According to Jesse-Lee Stringer, Managing Director of Barn Light Australia, knowing that his clients can now easily pay their Xero invoice using their credit card at a time that suits them has opened up a big competitive advantage.

“By implementing the integration across our eWAY and Xero accounts, we can now accept credit card payments for invoices from both our retail and commercial markets. Quite simply, our customers can now pay invoices online 24/7 with a few simple clicks. Knowing that our clients, their client’s clients, and other stakeholders have an opportunity to pay their Xero invoice with their credit-card at the time that is convenient to them, gives us an advantage over our competitors. Plus, as an existing eWAY customer, the added benefit is that it’s free to roll-out.”

“By partnering with eWAY to provide eWAY Pay Now payments with Xero, doing the books just got even easier for any business, accountant or bookkeeper,” said Chris Ridd, Managing Director, Xero.