Lavu Collaborates with PayPal to Offer EMV Payment Processing to Restaurants, Food Trucks and Bars

Lavu Incorporated (“Lavu’”), the world’s leading provider of point-of-sale (POS) solutions for restaurants and bars that run on iOS-based mobile devices,announced it has selected PayPal to bring payment processing of EMV or traditional swipe credit and debit card payments to restaurants, bars, food trucks, and other food/beverage businesses nationwide.

Restaurant and bar owners often face high costs when processing customers’ credit and debit card transactions. Additionally, pricing structures can be opaque, confusing, and expensive, with fees that can ultimately equate to 4-5% of a customer’s total bill.

With this agreement, two leading commerce companies are joining forces to offer digital, cloud-based payment and POS systems at considerably less expense for restaurant owners. Lavu, pioneers of POS systems that are available for iPad via the Apple app store, has designed a software system to solve a persistent problem for restaurant and bar owners – an easy-to-use, digital POS system that could operate on an iPad vs. clunky, legacy hardware. PayPal has helped shape the payment market by helping merchants and consumers transact many places around the world, anytime, on many platforms and through just about any device.

PayPal will now be available to Lavu’s extensive portfolio of restaurants, bars and food trucks that generate billions of dollars in transactions annually. Additionally, Lavu can offer restaurant and bar owners EMV payment processing that is integrated with a clear and transparent pricing structure within its POS software, with no hidden fees.

“Restaurant and bar owners are focused on operating profitable businesses, but the current options for processing customer payment transactions can be extremely confusing. Often, these payment processing transactions result in restaurant owners paying 4-5% of customers’ bills in payment processing fees,” said Mirza Baig, Chairman of Lavu. “We’ve worked with PayPal to introduce pricing for payment processing that significantly reduces these fees in a way that is both more transparent and easy to understand.”

“We’re excited to bring PayPal’s innovative and secure payment technology to thousands of restaurants and bars through Lavu’s innovative POS solutions,” said Brad Brodigan, Vice President of Retail and Mid-market at PayPal. “By collaborating with Lavu, PayPal continues to extend the value of our payment processing to even more exciting merchants, and we look forward to working with them on expanding our joint capabilities as we move forward.”