CUP Cloud Pay The First Landing In The Middle East

The UAE became the first overseas market to open CUP Cloud Services in 2017. Mumbreq Bank, the United Arab Emirates, will make available all 15 million POS terminals that will receive pay-as-you-go payments in the next six months, the company said in a statement. The latest data show that there are 40 million overseas POS terminals to support cloud flash payment, only last year, nearly 300,000 units.

Cloud pay to pay support for UnionPay chip cards, smart phones and wearable equipment, pay-off payments. Consumers in the outside world to use the advantages of cloud services to pay gradually appear: First, convenience, cloud flash payment services have landed Hong Kong, Macao, South Korea, Singapore, Australia, Canada and other popular tourist destinations, mainly in restaurants, retail stores, And other tourists often place; the second is flexible, consumers can be in the cloud through the cloud to pay “play” mobile payment, support Huawei, millet, ZTE and other mobile phone; third security, cloud flash with dynamic key , Payment tags and other multiple security.

It is the largest privately owned bank in the UAE and the first to open a CUP card business. The two sides to deepen cooperation and jointly promote the UAE as the Middle East opened the cloud to pay services “first stop.” This is due to the United Arab Emirates good UnionPay card acceptance environment, all local ATM and POS terminals have accepted UnionPay cards, on the other hand also because the United Arab Emirates has more than the cumulative distribution of more than 50,000 support for pay-free CUP chip Card, the local residents also want to enjoy more diverse, flexible payment services.

The first batch of UAE merchants to open Unionpay cloud pay acceptance, including fast-food restaurants, digital stores, shopping centers. Consumers can be in the store’s non-connected terminal sensor identification area, using the “QuickPass” logo of the UnionPay chip card and support all kinds of cloud flash smartphone. CUP debit card consumption 300 Dirhams (about 570 yuan) The following does not need to sign, with UnionPay credit card consumption 300 Dirhams neither enter the password, do not sign. In the contactless payment to set a small cap in line with international practice, and more secure with the card security.

At present, the world has issued more than 2 billion CUP chip card, based on the innovative application of chip card continuously enriched. The number of terminals that can be used to pay for the cloud in China and abroad has exceeded 10 million. Among them, Australia is the most overseas market for cloud flash payment acceptance terminals. Half of the local merchants with CUP cards support cloud flash payment. In Macao, UnionPay “is the most widely used international card brand.