First National Bank Tanzania Sets to Go for Point of Sale

The First National Bank Tanzania (FNB) has launched a point of sales (POS) in Dar es Salaam as a move to enhance proper use of bank cards.

According to the statement released yesterday by Head of Products and Digital Banking, Mr Silvest Arumasi, the launching of POS aims at enabling people to use bank cards for payment of goods and services in a safe, convenient, mobile and cost-effective way, as an alternative to cash.

He said the bank will offer desktop POS devices which are suitable for retail, commerce and small businesses and mobile POS devices which are suitable for the hospitality industry as well as highmobility businesses and works wherever there is a mobile data signal.

“Any business can use our POS devices to accept card payments. Reduced risks of handling cash and fewer visits to bank branches to make cash deposits means more time spent running your business.

The POS devices can either be placed permanently next to customers’ till or can be fully portable, depending on customer requirements” he said.

He said the introduction of POS devices will offer cutting edge digital banking experience to clients as the bank will also offer FNB Online Banking for FREE to view and download daily settlements and monthly merchant statements to facilitate reconciliation of accounts.

Meanwhile, FNB has received the VISA Efficiency Award for 2016. “We are a new player in the card payments business and this award recognises FNB Tanzania as a leader in the country in terms of highest percentage of approved VISA card transaction,” he said.

The VISA Global Service Quality Performance Award program was founded in 1992 to recognise financial institutions and processors throughout the world that provide outstanding service to holders of VISA cards, retail and service outlets.

Originally published on DailyNews Tanzania