SureSwipe Launches SureSwipe Move – an MPOS Solution for SMEs on the Go

SureSwipe, a leading Payment Services Provider (PSP), has launched SureSwipe Move – the first Mobile Point of Sale (MPOS) solution in South Africa to achieve Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) certification from the PCI Security Standards Council.

This means that SureSwipe Move’s secure devices, applications and processes comply with the Standards governing the encryption of card data from the point of purchase until it reaches SureSwipe’s secure decryption environment.

SureSwipe Move works with smart devices such as mobile phones or tablets to accept credit, debit and cheque MasterCard and Visa card payments. Powered by Handpoint, an MPOS Platform Provider, it addresses the payment acceptance needs of small and medium-sized merchants, particularly those with mobile businesses.

“Merchants turning to MPOS devices are sidestepping traditional payment terminals because they fulfill an immediate and urgent need to move everyday transactions away from cumbersome cash to cards and other forms of electronic payments,” says Paul Kent, Managing Director of SureSwipe.

“The potential for secure MPOS solutions is extensive in South Africa. We see it as an opportunity not only for small and medium businesses, but for any and all merchants requiring a safe, reliable and easy way to accept card payments from their customers, while reducing their reliance on accepting cash or electronic bank transfers,” he says.

While the market for mobile phone and tablet payment acceptance is in its infancy, it has already seen explosive growth. Research indicates that mobile phone usage has skyrocketed to 128% in South Africa, and that there are already 11 million smartphone users – a figure that is expected to double over the next four years.

According to MasterCard, small and medium-sized merchants that have never accepted card payments are turning to MPOS solutions to expand their customer base and increase sales. Existing retailers are adopting MPOS solutions to enhance the retail and payment experience.

“The boom in mobile devices globally provides a huge opportunity for innovation across all industries – especially in payments. Solutions like SureSwipe Move will transform mobile devices into tools of commerce that reduce the need to handle cash,” says Mark Hearne, Acting Division President at MasterCard in South Africa.

“It offers the security and convenience of cashless transactions to merchants of all sizes, regardless of where they are operating and how big their business may be,” Hearne says.

Traditional POS solutions can be expensive, and the application process can be lengthy and difficult for a business owner.

Here are some of the many advantages for merchants who choose to use MPOS over traditional POS terminals:

  • Lower total cost of ownership, as MPOS solutions are highly affordable. Many merchants already own a suitable mobile device, so they can avoid additional costs associated with purchasing, installing, and maintaining a POS terminal.
  • Better portability with greater ease of use, which is important for mobile merchants with no fixed place of business.
  • Flexible software development platforms that can integrate with existing environments.

“MPOS solutions are having a disruptive, yet positive, effect on the merchant sector both internationally and locally. SureSwipe Move will provide small-to-medium sized merchants, particularly those on the move like plumbers, electricians and so on, a convenient, secure way to accept payments and their customers a safe and easy way to pay,” says Davíð Guðjónsson, CEO and Co-founder, Handpoint.