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Reno-Cloud: Delivering More Value. Faster.

30 Mar 2020

If you know anything about Renovite you will know we love cloud-native payments. We live and breathe it. Even so, I still get amazed sometimes when I really think about Read More →
Renovite Technologies

Reno-Cloud Observability

12 Mar 2020

There are many hidden gems in running payment systems in the cloud. Cost savings that here at Renovite as cloud native providers it is easy for us to take for Read More →
Renovite Technologies

Reno-Cloud Smarter Technology

09 Mar 2020

AI is not as smart as it thinks it is cautions Janelle Shane in her excellent blog and in her book "You Look Like a Thing and I Love Read More →
Renovite Technologies

ATM Service Innovation: The Not-So-Silent Revolution

25 Feb 2020

In cash-centric societies, the safe and reliable access to banking services and ready cash continues to be of critical importance. The good news is that there is a revolution in Read More →
Renovite Technologies

Payments Partnership to Create the Next Generation of ATM Services

05 Jun 2019

Altron Bytes MS and Renovite to deliver 21st century ATM services. Leading technology firm Altron Bytes Managed Solutions (Altron Bytes MS) and payments specialist Renovite Technologies have announced a new strategic Read More →
Renovite Technologies

How Technology is Changing Africa’s Banking Landscape

01 Apr 2019

With 2019 now in full swing, Renovite Technologies’ Issa Keshek, regional manager for Africa, considers banking innovation and what we can expect Read More →

Renovite Technologies is a 21st-century payment product organisation founded by payment experts. We offer a portfolio of cloud-native software products and services for mission critical payment systems which have been designed to meet the requirements of organisations in the global financial services sector.

We develop and deliver business solutions which are based on proven frameworks with proven technology and tailored to evolve with the customer ecosystem under the ethos of: ‘Continuous Development; Continuous Delivery’.

With an average of 25 years’ experience in delivering leading-edge solutions in the payments domain, our team is highly experienced and have a proven track record of delivering and managing innovative solutions worldwide.

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