ATM Service Innovation: The Not-So-Silent Revolution

In cash-centric societies, the safe and reliable access to banking services and ready cash continues to be of critical importance. The good news is that there is a revolution in progress that will ensure the humble ATM continues to serve consumers in new and personalised ways for many years to come.

Many of you will already be aware of the ATMIA’s Next Generation ATM initiative – a global initiative that is changing the very nature of ATM services, futureproofing these vital services for the generations to come. The recent ATMIA US Conference in Houston was yet another progress milestone of the innovative solutions that are promising to transform the traditional ATM environment into a more cost-effective and adaptable service platform to revolutionise the delivery of ATM services.

There are now 293 organisations collaborating on the Next Generation initiative. Most pleasingly the market is strongly embracing the recommended changes with 40% of conference participants adopting the NextGen blueprint in 2020 / 2021. Significantly 38% of participants expressed the intention to undertake a complete end-to-end renewal of their entire ATM channel. With adoption rates like this the ATM Revolution is clearly an unstoppable force.

Renovite was proud to be an exhibitor at this prestigious ATM event and demonstrated its world leading Reno-Cloud ATM solution. Specifically, Renovite’s multi-vendor ATM software, advanced cloud-native payments processing, and automated testing capabilities all generated keen interest.

The Reno-Cloud ATM Channel solution is entirely consistent with the ATMIA NextGen architecture blueprint and it delivers enriched business agility where configuration replaces costly development, operational control is more responsive, and immediate feedback on business activity is always available. Reno-Cloud is already proven on leading ATM hardware from NCR, Diebold, Nautilus Hyosung, and GRG and is being deployed in proof of concept projects in South Africa, UK, USA and India.

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