Callpay Launch Email Payment Solution Allowing Any Business to Accept Online Payments

CallPay, a leading provider of secure, innovative and compliant payment technologies, announced the release of Express, a new payment solution that enables merchants to simply forward a payment request to their customers.

Express is an innovative payment solution allowing individuals, businesses and charities to accept online payments, even if you don’t have a website. Callpay Express allows you to email or sms a payment request with any quotation, invoice or statement. The customer simply opens the link, at their convenience, to make instant payment to the merchant. This product has a few important benefits for merchants.

  • Firstly, the customer has a simple call to action, at their convenience, to act on the payment request.
  • Secondly, the transaction is 3D Secure authenticated which increases the security for the customer and reduces the chargeback risk to the merchant.
  • Thirdly, the merchant is never exposed to the card data and therefore risk and compliance issues (PCI-DSS and POPI) are completely eliminated.

Merchant can send a single payment request or upload bulk requests via a csv file. When a new payment request is sent, the customer instantly receives an email or sms. Once the customer receives the request for payment, they open a secure one-time payment page that already includes both the merchant reference and payment amount. The customer simply enters and submits their card details to complete the transaction. Both the merchant as well as their customer will receive an email confirming the result of the transaction. All communication with the customer is completely branded to the merchant’s specifications. Callpay provides the merchant with a complete management platform including API’s for specialised integrations into CRM and accounting solutions.

According to Callpay CEO, JP van der Spuy, “Hours of marketing and sales effort can go into getting the customer to the point where they are ready to make a purchase or even pay an account. Express is a convenient, easy and secure method for your customer to make that payment.”

Express is immediately available from all South African Banks using the PayU Payment Gateway.

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