MyGate Voted “Best Online Payment Gateway 2016 – Africa” by Technology Innovator Awards

12 Jul 2016

MyGate, one of South Africa’s leading online payment gateways has been voted the best online payment gateway in Africa for 2016 by the Corporate Vision Technology Innovator Awards.

The 2016 Technology Innovator Awards were designed by Corporate Vision Magazine to recognise the individuals, departments, and firms behind ground-breaking developments in business and technology.

MyGate offers a wide range of ecommerce payment solutions, enabling card acceptance from a website or application, and has been servicing banks and merchants in South Africa for over 10 years.  For the past two years MyGate has also expanded into a number of African countries, where they are looking to drive ecommerce adoption.

MyGate’s strong customer focus means that they consult directly with each merchant in order to tailor their businesses payment requirements according to their unique target market.  They deliver all the required national and international online payment solutions for currencies in Africa and abroad.

In addition, MyGate’s solutions protect card holder data and reduce merchant scope when it comes to security and PCI DSS. MyGate offers secure card data tokenization solutions that remove card data out of a merchant’s environment.  They also provide risk management solutions which can identify and reject suspicious or fraudulent transactions.

“We are honoured to accept this award,” Said Glen Ross, Sales Director at MyGate, “It is a reflection of how MyGate has used technology and expertise to drive payment innovation across Africa for banks, merchants and consumers.”

The team within MyGate is focused on making online payments available to merchants and consumers across the continent. Working at the forefront of payments and in some cases driving world firsts for online payments in certain countries, MyGate’s debit and credit card solutions are helping consumers access services that were previously not available, and aiding in a reduction of cost to access services, particularly in channels such as bill payment and digital goods.  It is this focus that drives them forward.

MyGate is one of Africa’s largest and fastest growing online payment gateways helping thousands of merchants accept payments online and process billions of Rand annually.

Processing methods provided include online, MOTO, recurring payments and debit orders. The company also offers a tokenisation system to eliminate the need for merchants to store customer credit card data.

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, MyGate serves merchants throughout Africa, such as DSTV, Naspers, HomeChoice, Mr. Delivery, and Web Tickets. MyGate’s enterprise payment gateway solutions, guidance and expert advice help merchants accept more payments from their customers and sell more.

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