Reno-Cloud Observability

There are many hidden gems in running payment systems in the cloud. Cost savings that here at Renovite as cloud native providers it is easy for us to take for granted.

Take for instance observability. This is being able to see the state of any part of the system at any time, using standard open source (yes free) tools.

Now observability means different things to different part of the organisation.

For some it may be technical readings like CPU, Memory or Disk readings of individual components.

For others it may be the latency of transactions through the system.

Or, it could be the transactions per second being processed.

It could even be an individual view such as a manager in the branch may wish to be alerted to unusual activity at the ATM.

Depending on your data needs, Reno-Cloud can provide rich historic information analysis, coupled with real time views and alerts. These views can be easily tailored to specific roles and responsibilities to ensure everyone has the right actionable intelligence, when it is needed to ensure they can work together to provide maximum service and maximum availability.

All this is provided with no extra systems, no extra cost – with standard tools.

Does your payments infrastructure do this?

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