PayU And PayPal To Make Online Transactions Safer And Simple

Online shopping is now easier and safer thanks to a decision by leading South African payment gateway, PayU, to accept payments from customers making use of PayPal.

PayPal is the safer, easier way to pay without exposing your credit card number.

“Ecommerce in South Africa and across the African continent is growing exponentially,” explains Chris Savides, General Manager at FNB Complementary Online Services which facilitates PayPal in South Africa.

“A number of studies show that over half of South Africans who have internet access, transact online. PayPal ensures that during these transactions, none of your valuable banking account data is exposed as it would be for payments made via electronic funds transfer or credit card purchases. This makes it the natural online transaction method,” says Savides.

PayU provides secure payment gateway services to Netflorist and a number of other e-tailers. By offering these customers the ability to accept payment from PayPal, PayU is making online commerce and entertainment even more convenient to the digitally connected world.

“Online shopping has made life easier and there are clear benefits to both the consumer and the company,” says Charles Elliman, Head of Sales MEA at PayU. “For the consumer it’s the convenience of buying what they want in their own time from where they want – there are no rigid retail hours. For the retailer or seller, it opens up the potential market to people from all around the country, continent and indeed even the world.”

PayPal is used by over 100 million people in more than 94 countries as a payment method and offers advanced security features to protect the buyer and seller.

“By accepting PayPal, PayU has made it easier for the more than a million PayPal users in South Africa to pay for goods with an offering they are currently familiar with and trust,” says Savides.