Payments Afrika’s readership provides an excellent audience for your voice, perspectives and ideas on how payments are evolving in Africa. We value your unique insights to what is happening within the payments space in your country, Africa and abroad.

Before you start submitting an article, please read our Submission Guidelines. They describe the kinds of content our editors will accept on


What You Should Do:

Submit original content. Our readership enjoys original content.  Often, our most popular articles are from original sources. You can also submit content you have already published on your blog or website as long as the byline matches your name and you own the copyright. You must ensure that in all cases, all submissions must be content you created.

Stick to Payments. Our news site is called Payments Afrika so please keep your articles related to the payments industry.  We are interested in a wide range of payment topics.

Write Local. Tell our readers about what is happening in payments in your country.  Africa is a big place and we want to tell the world about what is happening locally, in country.

Be to the point. For most articles, the ideal article length is 300 to 600 words. Online readers often want to get the high level overview so try not to make your piece unnecessarily long.

Use a descriptive headline. A good headline can catch a reader’s attention.  Try and summarize your article with the high level of what the reader is about to read.  Headlines will often appear in search results and are used by search engines.

Be accurate, and cite your sources. Any information you provide that is not common knowledge or clearly established as something you’ve personally experienced must be credited to a credible, cited source. In your article, attribute any specific facts and quotes to their source, and link to the specific page that supports verifies your statement. Ensure that at the end of the article that you list any authoritative sources that informed your content that allows any reader to easily access each source. Examples of acceptable authorities include government agencies, NGO studies, established online or print publications, and articles by credentialed professionals. Wikipedia articles are not recognized as an authoritative source.

What you should not do…

Don’t provide rehashed articles. Don’t rehash or re-post or reword other peoples work. We are looking for original content so don’t submit to us if the content is not yours.

Don’t be a SEO content writer.  Don’t over use key word phrases that make your article look like you only have a vocabulary related to the topic you are writing on. This ultimately will discourage people to read your article.

Don’t Vent. Your authentic personal perspectives are welcome but please avoid using an extremely negative tone. You should make clear distinctions between opinion and fact and cite your resources where necessarily.  If you just need to rant and rave, your personal blog is a more suitable platform. Never let frustration lead you to factually misrepresent any individual, product, business, service, or other entity.

Don’t over-link.  Avoid excessive hyperlinking that compromises user readability. Links to external sites or sources must be relevant to the content.

Don’t over-promote. We welcome your passion about payments, but if your content reads more like an advertisement, press release, or advertorial than a informative article to our readers then it won’t get published.  If you are a press agency, contact our editor for other options we have for this type of publishing.


Please use these guidelines to format the content you submit Payments Afrika.

  • Use double-spacing between paragraphs.
  • Use line breaks only at the end of paragraphs.
  • All text should be left-justified.
  • Limit use of bold and italicized words to section headers or highlighting of key points. Underlining should only be used for links.
  • Avoid excessive capitalization. In general, only proper nouns, the first letter of each sentence, and acronyms should be capitalized. TEXT WRITTEN IN ALL CAPS (like that) is considered shouting on the Internet – use your inside voice.
  • Do not type your alias name into your submissions; all published content will link to your profile page. Don’t include a bio or “about me” in articles, either; your profile should contain that information.
  • Place the headline of your article in the title field only.
  • Do not embed images or videos within the body of articles.