Acculynk Launches Direct-to-Debit Business Payout Solution

Payzur, Acculynk’s real time P2P platform, is now offering businesses the ability to transfer payments directly to an individual’s or small business’ debit card instantly.

Acculynk’s Payzur direct-to-debit payment platform aids businesses, such as online marketplaces, that regularly make payments to individuals or small businesses by offering a frictionless “payout” process that doesn’t require account verification, enrollment with a third party or parking the funds in a third-party account. The funds are transferred and available in near real time. Both debit and prepaid cards can be used with the service which speeds payments to individuals or small businesses, eliminating the typical two to three day delay.

Acculynk offers a full set of APIs to allow businesses to easily integrate the debit rails processing into their payout processes. Acculynk is also developing a modularized version of Payzur where the business is presented with a menu of options, such as a secure hosted pay page and an email communication engine, and selects the components that meet their needs.

With Payzur Direct-to-Debit, payouts such as insurance claims, merchant sales and consumer refunds can be executed as services are delivered or payment is triggered with the money transferred to the debit card within moments, creating a differentiated user experience.

“Businesses are realizing that their constituents are looking for speed and simplicity and that offering both creates better business relationships and a tangible competitive advantage. What could be simpler than getting paid by providing your debit card number and faster than real time?” said Sandra Chesnutt, GM Payzur, Acculynk. “There is clearly a revolution going on; people are choosing to interact with businesses based on how well that business understands and exceeds their expectations, and payments are becoming a way for companies to differentiate themselves.”

Acculynk has a track record of delivering payment innovation that creates value for merchants, issuers and consumers globally. The Acculynk gateway, combined with Acculynk’s PaySecure online PIN pad, enables e-commerce using PIN debit, including internationally in emerging, debit-centric markets like India, where 250 million debit cards have been issued, and China’s Union Pay card, with more than 3 billion issued debit cards. Acculynk’s PaySecure online PIN pad is certified with twelve EFT networks in the US and internationally establishing the infrastructure foundation for Payzur Direct-to-Debit.

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