I&M Bank and Mastercard Launch Business Credit Card Proposition to Transform Business Expenses Management

I&M Bank has collaborated with Mastercard to launch the new Business Credit Card proposition, a comprehensive financial tool designed to help businesses manage day-to-day expenses more effectively and support global operations. This initiative marks another longstanding engagement between I&M Bank and Mastercard. The Business Card proposition comprises the Business Credit Card and the World Business

Statement on Fraud Complaints – Standard Bank

Standard Bank continues to receive customer queries relating to potential fraud. The Bank’s fraud mitigation measures are robust and continue to protect and inform customers of any potential fraud on their accounts. Due to the nature of these incidents, Standard Bank issued a direct fraud notification to impacted customers on 2 July 2024. This contributed

VezoPay Launches Africa’s First Smart Ring for Seamless Contactless Payments

VezoPay has introduced Africa’s inaugural smart ring, heralding a new era in contactless payment solutions across the continent. Engineered for convenience and security, the VezoPay smart ring epitomizes innovation with its array of cutting-edge features. The VezoPay smart ring enables lightning-fast contactless payments in just 1 second, seamlessly connecting your hand to any terminal. It

Mama Money Partners With Access Bank and Paymentology to Launch New WhatsApp-Powered Bank Card

Paymentology the leading next-gen global issuer-processor, today announces its partnership with Mama Money, one of Africa’s leading cross-border money transfer operators, and Access Bank, to launch a pioneering new bank card service that stands out for its innovative use of WhatsApp banking. Through its integration with WhatsApp, the Mama Money Card allows you to transfer

First CBDC Cards: What Technology Issuing And Acquiring Banks Use – OpenWay

Eurasia’s first CBDC cards, recently launched in Kazakhstan, have provided 20 million consumers with a convenient, tangible way to manage their funds in CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency). Today, plastic cards in the digital tenge currency are used for both in-store and e-commerce purchases and are accepted globally through the Mastercard and Visa networks. The

Mastercard, Wowzi, and MDP Unite to Transform Financial Management for Content Creators With $2.04 Million Investment

Mastercard has announced a groundbreaking $2.04 million investment in partnership with Wowzi, Africa’s premier influencer marketing platform, and Masria Digital Payments (MDP). This collaboration aims to transform the financial management landscape for content creators through innovative digital card solutions. The five-year initiative will provide Wowzi’s content creators access to a range of digital card benefits.

American Express and Ecobank Group Sign Agreement to Expand American Express Acceptance in 21 Countries in Sub-Saharan Africa

American Express and Ecobank Group (www.Ecobank.com), the leading pan-African financial services Group, announced an agreement to significantly expand American Express Card acceptance in twenty-one countries across Africa. Through this agreement, American Express Card Members will be able to use their Cards in twelve new countries: Burundi, Central African Republic, Gabon, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Malawi, Mali, Niger,

Mastercard and Payment24 Collaborate to Boost EMV Adoption in EEMEA’s Fleet Sector

Mastercard and Payment24 are extending their engagement across Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa (EEMEA) to help bolster security and drive innovation within the fleet and fuel payment industry across the region. The EMV standard, now being implemented in over 80 markets, has dramatically reduced the incidence of counterfeit card fraud associated with magnetic strip

The Future of South Africa’s Banking Sector: Why Modernisation is Crucial – Electrum

By Dave Glass, CEO and Co-Founder of Electrum Banks in South Africa face a difficult decision over their reliance on an outdated language system. Back in the 80s, I was very lucky to be exposed to early home computers – my astrophysicist dad was an early adopter. I can recall excitedly writing my first programmes

Over 10 Innovative CBDC Card Services Launched in Six Months on OpenWay’s WAY4 System

In just 6 months after Kazakhstan launched the digital tenge, its Central Bank Digital Currency, over 10 innovative CBDC card services have become available to the country’s population of 20 million. Altyn Bank, Eurasian Bank and Halyk Bank leveraged the Way4 digital payments software system to swiftly join this CBDC project and onboard 72% of