Akbank chooses NCR to Further Increase ATM Availability and Enhance Customer Experience

NCR Corporation, the global leader in consumer transaction technologies, announced that Akbank has selected innovative Predictive Services technology from NCR to help increase the availability of its ATMs across Turkey. In 2013, NCR Predictive Services recovered an additional 32,000 hours of ATM up-time for Akbank customers.

With more than 4,200 ATMs across 962 branches, Akbank has a significant ATM network that is used extensively by over 13 million customers.

The transition from legacy reactive ATM maintenance or repair calls to a proactive approach is an important measure of success for Akbank and NCR. The bank has experienced a 16 percent conversion from reactive to predictive service calls. This has directly reduced ATM down-time by reducing the number of reactive NCR service engineer visits when compared to the same period prior to NCR Predictive Services being implemented. In addition, Predictive Services helped the bank increase First Visit Resolution (FVR) by more than 10 percent.

“At the heart of our ongoing strategy lies providing the ultimate experience for our customers when they seek financial solutions” said Yesukan Akıntı, Head of Alternative Delivery Channels Operation at Akbank. “Part of this strategy is to ensure that our significant ATM real-estate is available for our customers to access whenever they need it. Reducing down-time is therefore a priority. NCR has helped us achieve this by identifying faults before they happen and reducing the time that our ATMs are unavailable by over fifty percent.”

This innovative NCR service uses predictive technology to identify ATM fault trends, module end of life and potential issues ahead of any down-time and take appropriate action. This might be a remote resolution across the network or a pre-emptive service call from an NCR engineer before any ATM down-time. Because of the proactive nature of the service call, an NCR engineer with the correct skills can be dispatched and will have a clear understanding of the components they will require. This saves time and also decreases down-time of ATMs with faster resolutions.

“Great customer service and optimal operational efficiency are imperative for financial institutions as banking models are changing and competition is around every corner,” said Yalcin Orhon, director of Financial Services at NCR Turkey. “A key component for financial institutions, such as Akbank, is for the technology they invest in to be working whenever customers need it. NCR ATMs are the most reliable in the world, but their availability can be improved before faults appear using predictive services. This is the future partner for self-service technology and has a measurable impact on customer service and banking operations alike.”

Using proven technology, NCR Predictive Services watches critical components of ATMs, or any other NCR device, to anticipate issues before they happen and proactively scheduling fixes that minimize the number and duration of service interruptions. The NCR solution achieves this in four ways:

  • Imminent failure prediction: NCR Predictive Services software agent detects error messages from individual components that may warn of imminent failure. Early detection enables repair before they break down.
  • Service intelligence: detailed analysis of real-time logs and configuration data provides accurate repair advice so that engineers with the right skillsets are dispatched with the right parts.
  • Remote fix: many corrective actions can be made remotely, without the need for an engineer to travel to the site. As a result ATMs are back in service much more quickly. Fewer service trips are good for carbon emissions too.
  • End of life prediction: NCR Predictive Services has the capacity to monitor the usage of individual components within the ATM, so replacements or repairs can be made before they reach their expected end of life.

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