Allied Wallet Africa Integrates with 3dcart to Support Global E-Commerce

Allied Wallet Africa, a global FinTech company offering various payment solutions in 196 countries, recently announced an integration with 3dcart to provide a more comprehensive solution for merchants.

3dcart’s software enables users to build, adjust, and maintain an online store without any programming or HTML knowledge. 3dcart can be used in conjunction with Allied Wallet Africa to streamline business online and shares their mission to simplify online retail for their customers.

Allied Wallet Africa has taken note of the technical aspects involved with acquiring a payment solution and has taken steps to simplify the process. The service provider offers free integration upon the request of any prospective, online merchant for no additional charge; and amongst their varying initiatives, Allied Wallet Africa offers this free integration as another means to assist their merchants.

“We want our merchants to be successful. We want them to be profitable and we’ll do what we can to perpetuate their success,” said Andy Khawaja, CEO of Allied Wallet Africa, “This partnership with 3dcart will simplify the process of starting an online business and we couldn’t be more excited for the things that are to come.”

Allied Wallet Africa and 3dcart’s solutions collectively boast decades of experience; and in many areas, they have exerted overlapping focus.

The integration of Allied Wallet Africa’s merchant services solutions with the 3dcart software will provide a smooth and seamless process and benefit business owners around the world.

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