Allied Wallet Africa will Introduce the Region to a New Level of Economical Growth

Allied Wallet Africa will introduce the region to a new level of economical growth

Allied Wallet, a globally leading provider of mainstream online payment processing, and its CEO Andy Khawaja introduce Allied Wallet Africa to create a new cashless economy in Africa.

Allied Wallet and Dr. Andy Khawaja are partnering with Aimable Mpore of Telecel Global to bring state-of-the-art digital payment technology to over one billion people in Africa.

Allied Wallet is introducing Allied Wallet Africa in partnership with the African government and several local banks. Allied Wallet Africa will create a new cashless economy that the region has never seen before with secure digital payments.

“Today is a great day for the people of Africa, and we are proud to bring them the best technology in the world to transform transactions and bring them a new level of digital payments,” said Dr. Andy Khawaja.

This partnership between Dr. Andy Khawaja’s Allied Wallet and Aimable Mpore will transform Africa into a new hub of technology, promoting the growth of e-commerce and new businesses in the region.

Africa will see a new level of growth as its population becomes more comfortable with online transactions and digital eWallets.

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