An Industry at Growth: The Rise of Online Betting in Africa

Humans have engaged in gambling since the dawn of time. In ancient Rome, gladiator fights were a means of sports betting, while the ancient Chinese loved lotteries. The introduction of online sports betting has led to the growth of the betting industry worldwide. Punters can place their bets on Betway sports online betting at the comfort of their homes. Africa is among the regions where online betting is thriving. In this regard, there are many top sports betting companies putting up shop in several African countries. Here is a look at why the industry is on the rise in Africa.

Mobile betting

Betting companies have taken advantage of mobile betting platforms. The companies have developed Android and iOS apps for their customers. Moreover, mobile betting has benefited from the availability of more affordable smartphones. A considerable number of Africans aged 18 and above have access to a mobile phone. This has made it easier for them to create user accounts at online casino platforms like Betway. This has contributed significantly to the rise of online betting in Africa.

Sports Betting

Studies have revealed that sports betting is the main form of online betting in Africa. The love for sports in Africa is unmatched. Most of the youths in Africa live football and usually have a European team they support. The English Premier League is the most famous league among African youth.

Most of these youths have formed groups both online and offline, where they share betting tips daily. The other sports Africans love includes rugby, basketball, and athletics. This love for sports has also contributed to the rise of online sports betting in Africa.

Improved infrastructure

Many African governments have invested heavily in the development of their communications infrastructure. These developments have helped connect the remotest parts of the continent to the rest of the world via mobile networks and internet connection.

Betting companies have taken advantage of the rise of these untapped regions by reaching out to them. These emerging markets have also contributed to the increase in online betting in the continent.

High Rates of unemployment

There are many unemployed youths in Africa. In some countries like Kenya, many highly educated youths don’t have jobs. These youths have sought refuge in local and international betting companies like Betway.

The betting companies give them opportunities to make money by placing winning bets. Furthermore, the betting companies allow them to wager with small amounts making it easy for the unemployed youth to afford.

Favorable Gambling Regulations

The betting market in Africa is different from those in Europe and America. The betting laws in Europe and America are more stringent than those in Africa. However, African countries, which are regarded as third-world countries, are more welcoming to international betting companies. They have not put strict measures in place to regulate online gambling. So far, only South Africa boasts of having the best-regulated market.

Bottom Line

Africa remains an attractive market for betting companies. There are still countries that have not peaked in their online betting involvement. Therefore, there is still room for growth in the African continent for the online betting industry.

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