ATMIA Launches New Industry Research Portal

ATMIA today launched a new Industry Research Portal to assist its members in finding freely available research information as well as reasonably priced research reports recommended by the association.

“We discovered a whole range of publicly available data sources for our industry as well as many excellent research companies providing reasonably priced research which will benefit our members,” commented CEO Mike Lee.

ATMIA has provided a comprehensive list of recommended research sources for its members to guide them in acquiring data and analysis.

“It’s vital to ensure global ATM research is competitive and reasonably priced,” Lee added.

The portal also enables members to have free access to a 1967-2017 ATM Time Series kindly provided by the world’s leading ATM historian and trends analyst, Professor Bernardo Batiz-Lazo, whose new book “Cash and Dash: How ATMs and Computers Changed Banking” (Hardcover) is due out on 1 July this year and is available for pre-orders on

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