Banco Falabella Enhances its Customer Service with NCR Software and Hardware Technology

NCR Corporation, the global leader in consumer transaction technologies, announced that Banco Falabella of Colombia is introducing a new ATM experience powered by a complete NCR software and hardware solution. Banco Falabella has established its own network of 50 ATMs with specialized software to carry out marketing and loyalty campaigns.

Banco Falabella will use NCR APTRA Promote and APTRA Exchange, which allow the bank to communicate through advertising on ATMs and establish different campaigns and messages to deliver its eMarketing initiative. Banco Falabella’s new cash-dispensing ATMs offer cutting-edge solutions that help customers to avoid long lines at the branch. Also, Banco Falabella has 76 NCR kiosks located in its branches, where in addition to knowing the detailed information of the customers´ products online, the kiosks can access the current benefits the bank provides in its loyalty programs. This is the first independent network of ATMs introduced in Colombia, extending customer service coverage for the bank.

“Through our partnership with NCR, Banco Falabella is strengthening and deepening its presence in retail banking in Colombia and actively participating in traditional banking in the country,” said Sergio Muñoz, President, Banco Falabella. “With NCR’s innovative software and technology solutions, we are differentiating our retail banking business and positioning the company for growth in the Colombian market.”

The self-service solutions can facilitate many different transactions that are typically handled at the teller counter, and feature the latest in security technology, including biometric and EMV card authentication (global standard for credit and debit payment cards based on chip card technology).

“NCR is very pleased to support innovation and growth at Banco Falabella as the bank continues to diversify its products and offer greater benefits to its customers through leading consumer transaction technologies,” said Jorge Arenas, General Manager of NCR Colombia.

The self-serve solutions have been placed inside Homecenter and Falabella department stores throughout the country, offering the opportunity to immediately deliver cash to its affiliates who need to get it on promotions, special discount days or according to the need of the day to day.

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