Binary Options, Affiliate Programs and Bitcoin Combined by

Binary Options, Bitcoin and affiliate marketing are the buzz words of 2013. integrated all of them in one location, offering access to leading Binary Options brokers, binary options to profit on Bitcoin value without purchasing bitcoins, and a leading affiliate program to earn commissions on traders referred to binary option brokers. It also offers binary options updates on the leading Binary Options blog.

Binary Options allow clients to profit when they predict correctly if a stock/currency/commodity will go up or down. The time-frame for the prediction varies from 60 seconds to 60 minutes. That makes for a lot of fun and fast-paced action, which is becoming more and more popular online.

The growing popularity of Bitcoin convinced one of brokers to offer Bitcoin derivative trading. Bitcoin is traded through the company’s one-touch instrument: traders can predict if the Bitcoin exchange rate will be above or below certain price at set dates. At expiration, traders can gain up to 120% profit.’s portfolio includes the possibility of promoting trading on StockPair which offers Binary Options, Fixed Pair Options and Floating Pair Options, with a range of payouts from up to 85% to up to 480%. Fixed Pair Options are options in which the winning stock is determined by the stock pair’s relative performance from the time the option was purchased to the time of expiry. The option is open until its expiry and the outcome is determined at the expiry. With Floating Pair the winning stock is determined by the stock pair’s relative performance during a predefined period in which the trade took place. Relative performance is measured from the beginning of this period. integrates OptionRally and a service providing trading signals. It also supports second-tier affiliate marketing: when affiliates refers another webmaster, they earn a portion of the referred webmaster’s sales., with its large traffic, can leverage its network size and allow affiliates to receive premium deals, on better terms that they would be able to negotiate themselves with individual brokers. That’s the power of volumes. It also offers customized advices, so affiliates can optimize their conversion rate. With top CPAs and conversion rates, offers high rewards to its affiliates.

Being the first Binary Options trading affiliate program, which launched back in 2009, gives an edge to Affiliates are invited to contact to explore current and future opportunities, entering the Binary Options world now, while the ocean is still wonderful blue and full of untapped opportunities.


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